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Space War 2Space wars starting again. Enemies in the depths of space, not only on earth does not look comfortable. The task of the game, you must destroy your enemies as you come to fulfill the heroic fight of them.
Games played with the keyboard. The game may take some time to load. Sigle-player game is going to play only one button, two-person multi-player is going to play button. Then click on spacecraft that want to play. Click the button to start the game, Level 1. A keyboard to move the first player in the game - W - S-E keys, press J to shoot, K to jump button, the keyboard arrow keys to move the second player, a key to shoot, jump, use the 2 key. Good games.
  • Game 0
  • Game 1
  • Game 2
  • Game 3
  • Game 4
  • 5/10
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